Exam Marking

Get your exam papers marked by experienced, qualified examiners and markers. Know your grades and mistakes!
What W Tutors will provide
  1. Qualified examiners and markers for all GCSE/iGCSE, A-Level and IBDP papers. 
  2. Grading according to the marking scheme.
  3. Full detailed assessment with extensive analysis and feedback

Papers up to 2 hours
US$42 (HK$350, S$60) US$55 (HK$450, S$80) Contact Us
Papers between 2-3 hours US$62 (HK$500, S$90) US$73 (HK$600, S$110) Contact Us
Past papers are available extensively on the Internet. There is an additional cost if you require us to source the paper for you but they will come from public domain. 
How to use this service?
  1. Please Contact Us first to request for "Exam Marking".
  2. Top up your W Tutors account with the required amount through the Wallet feature. 
    Additional external modes of payment are available -
    1) Bank transfers are available for USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong users.
    2) PayNow is available for Singapore users.
    3) PayMe, AliPayHK and FPS are available for Hong Kong users.

  3. Send your completed paper to us at [email protected] for marking
Preparing your papers
  • We do not need to receive exam front pages but we do need to know exactly what the paper is. Please make this clear in your email if you are not sending a front page.

  • Please do not scan and send sheets that have no content. If a sheet contains some work we need it, if not we don’t and it will save you time. If questions have been knowingly missed out please let us know. We will ask you if we notice an answer is missing.

  • Please check to ensure you have scanned papers the right way up!

  • Please ensure your assignment matches what you have requested and paid for. Regrettably, we are not able to make a refund for fewer papers being received than booked.

  • Please check that scanned/photographed papers are legible. If you can’t read them easily, chances are we can’t either and this could prevent or delay marking.

  • Please consider your handwriting in an exam. We are brilliant at reading the most challenging scripts but it can cause delays. Please make it as clear and legible as you can. Alternatively we accept typed scripts too. 

Exam Marking FAQ 
Q. What subjects are available for marking?
A. We are able to mark all mainstream subjects and exam boards using markers with current and moderated official experience of the main public exam boards.
Q. How long does it take to mark a paper?
A. We aim to return marking results within seven days of receiving your scanned papers. Often we can return results more swiftly. If you have a particular deadline, please let us know and we will do all we can to work with you, especially during the exam period.
Q. Can I remain anonymous? 
A. All our marking services are conducted anonymously. This allows us to offer an unbiased reflection of progress and protect your data. Our markers are not aware of who you are and we also protect their identity.
Please do not include any personal details on your work/exam paper. If you have already done so, please remove or cover them up.