Are time slots and lessons listed in my timezone?

Yes, time listed are in your timezone unless you set a different one in your profile.

Why did I not receive the verification email?

All users on W Tutors have to verify their email addresses. If you did not receive the verification from our system, please try to log in and request for one to be resent. Some users might find the email in their spam/bulk folder. Do contact us if you continue to have trouble verifying your account.

Why did I receive an error?

As much as we hope to have an error free website, there might be times when script or server errors occur. Please write to us at [email protected] with a description of the issue and, if possible, a screenshot of it.

Will I get notifications of messages or lesson bookings?

Yes, tutors and learners will receive emails whenever there is a message posted through W Tutors or lesson purchases, bookings, or changes. Please include [email protected] in your email safelist to ensure you receive the emails in your inbox.
You may also use Google Calendar in the Account Settings to receive reminders. 

Can I pass my phone number or email to my tutor/learner?

No, we do not recommend giving your personal information to your tutor/learner. For your security and privacy, the W Tutors platform will block sensitive information in messages. You will see **BLOCKED** in places where numeric numbers and emails are sent. 

Can I view prices in other currencies?

The base currency on W Tutors is US Dollars. 
You may view estimated prices in other currencies simply by click on the USD at the top right corner of your screen to switch to Great British Pound (GBP) Euro (EUR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) and Singapore Dollars (SGD).
Do note that the display of prices in other currency is a best estimate and they do not represent actual rates. All purchases remain in US Dollars. 

How do I unschedule/reschedule a lesson?

Follow these steps to unschedule a booked lesson 
1. Find your booked lessons in My Lessons. Click on the down arrow to reveal an option to Unschedule.

2. Provide a reason and click on Send. The lesson is now unscheduled which the learner could use to book another available slot. 
This process is the same for both tutor and learner. 

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